Wetland of Córdoba.

The wetland is fed by the rivers Córdoba and Molinos. In it it is possible to find a great variety of fauna and flora, both microscopic and macroscopic organisms, some of them easy to observe in a visit to the wetland. Among the most notable data are about 70 species of birds between residents and migrants, in addition to 80 terrestrial and aquatic plant species.

For every $ 15,000 that is collected, we will plant a tree in the Sierra del Majuy, Cota.

Cost per person:

$ 5,000.

It includes:

  • Guide per certified person.
  • Talks in points of interest.
  • Memory given by the Red Tree Foundation.
  • Publication in our social networks and web page of the activity carried out.
  • Virtual certificate of donation on behalf of the person who performed this activity.

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